Bereavement Counselling Support

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, offers support and counselling to enable you to deal with bereavement / grief / loss in a way that is suitable to you.

Bereavement / grief / loss are common to everyone but individual responses are different. And your personal response might well be influenced by your family, your culture, your personality and your religious beliefs and so on. Counselling will help you to find your voice and talk about the pain the confusion and loss you are suffering.


Counselling can provide a safe place to find the courage to express grief and bewilderment, abandonment and frustration in your own way and in your own time. Bereavement and grief are very complex, there are all sorts of hurtful thoughts, emotions and feelings linked together. Counselling is where you are given permission to say anything you feel like saying about your anger, your shame, your guilt, your loss and embarassment.


Counselling makes it possible to work through grief properly and deel with any deep feelings of loss, anxiety and pain. Grief not properly dealt with can lie submerged and become a source of inner turmoil. Counselling is important to your health and well-being. You might be a person who receives wonderful and timely support from family and friends but if you find support to be either limited or non-existent then there might be an increased risk to your emotional well-being.

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, will give you time and support to express your thoughts and emotions without guilt or criticism. Seeking out bereavement counselling after the death of a loved one is not an admission of weakness, but instead it is admission of the courage and strength to seek help when it is needed.

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