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Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, offers support and a safe place to enable you to deal with emotional problems in a way that is suitable to you. It is ok to look for counselling support to help you deal with the ‘highs and lows’ of your emotions.

You are unique and the way you react emotionally to situations and circumstances is also unique.  People will experience the same event in completely different ways so will have different emotional reactions. It’s OK to be different.

Most people probably find emotions to be inconveniences; they are something to repress, to hide from, to deny, to ignore or run away from – unless of course they make you feel good.

For instance, anger, guilt and fear are among those you would much prefer not to experience, so generally you do what you can to ignore them.

But there’s a problem. You see emotions are like pain. They are unavoidable, you cannot decide not to feel pain when you are either ill or injured, and you cannot decide not to feel upset when someone rejects you or lets you down.

Emotions are actually part of your early warning system! They alert you to something that needs to be attended to.

Emotions as one author put it when speaking about anger are our friends and we do well to listen to them.

Emotions can be thought of as combinations of your thoughts and feelings, so if you can learn to recognise emotions at increasing levels of detail then it is possible to react appropriately.

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, will support you to make sense of your emotions particularly those that have a negative effect on your well-being.

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