Relationship Difficulties Counselling Support

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, can help you to assess your relationships.


What is a relationship?  Normally a relationship is thought of as being a linking between two or more people, such links might be romantic, intimate, parent-child, with groups of people at work, at school, in clubs and so on.

How might counselling help?

Well, relationships are not always healthy, from time to time they come under strain and then individuals suffer. Counselling can help you to transform the relationship to a healthy one. If a relationship is suffering or in crisis then certainly you will find that your sense of identity, your confidence and self-worth suffer; some people find that their identity and self worth are propped up by the strength of their relationships. So if the relationship is shaky or unsteady then you may lack confidence in yourself and your sense of identity, self esteem and worth might suffer. Counselling support can help by offering a safe place where you can talk about your relationships; a safe place where you can build trust be vulnerable.


Self respect and being able and willing to like yourself are important to any good relationship. Counselling can give you a sense of being valued for who you are.

People who are hurt inside are more likely to hurt others when they come under pressure.  And when people are under pressure they almost always go back to familiar patterns of behaviour.

If you are in an important relationship, which is in trouble, Talk It Through, counselling will support you to improve the way you relate to the person / the people around you.

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, will help you to look at patterns of behaviour which might not be helping and to develop new ones to reach your potential. For instance, Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, can support you to find ways to challenge negative thought patterns about yourself and others; change the way in which you talk – people can use destructive speech without realising it and so on.

Help is here... Why not talk it through with Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham.

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