Self Harming Counselling Support

Self harming takes many forms and can affect people at any age. Do you think self harming can be seen in socially acceptable ways? For instance, what about people who overwork, take recreational drugs, smoke or bite their nails, would you consider any of these to be ways of self harming?


Self harming is almost always hard for other people to understand. For some it might be difficult to live from one moment to the next but counselling can help. Counselling can help you to clarify your thoughts and make sense of them. Counselling can help you to explore the relationships you have with others and the problems you are having. Counselling offers a safe place where you can talk about your self destructive thoughts and bring them into the light; a safe place where you can build trust and dare to be vulnerable. Counselling can give you a sense of being valued for who you are.


Perhaps you feel you are not being listened to and self harming is a way of dealing with stress without knowing what else to do.


Counselling can help you to concentrate on the underlying issues that lead you to feel low and self harm.  Addressing those issues might feel difficult, perhaps even seem impossible, but this is an important part of the recovery process. You may need the help and support of other people to do this.


Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, provides support in a comfortable confidential setting where you can open your heart to someone who will listen to you and not judge or condemn you. Where you can be yourself and think about and weigh up the options which are available.


You don’t have to feel alone, counselling help support and healing are there waiting for you.


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