Stress and Anxiety Counselling Support

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, offers support and a safe place to enable you to deal with stress and anxiety in a way that is suitable to you. It is ok to look for counselling support to help you.

Whatever the level of stress or anxiety you are suffering, it will help you understand the matter causing the stress if you talk it through to get a new perspective and realise the opportunities that are available. When you have explored the opportunities and recognised the places where you can exercise influence and control, you will be comfortable making changes to improve your health and well-being.

Feelings of nervousness can be overwhelming. Anxiety, extreme apprehension goes beyond the run-of-the-mill daily tensions.  These feelings can be so powerful, so overwhelming that your everyday life suffers, your health suffers, your relationships suffer.

People who do not suffer from anxiety can have a hard time understanding the condition. Extreme unease can have a negative effect and be extremely tiring. The constant feelings of dread and apprehension are very draining.

If you are affected by these feelings contact Talk It Through to find out how the help and healing can start.

What signs should I look for?

Think about your circumstances; do you worry constantly? Do you have a constant dread that any problem will overwhelm you? Do you have recurrent headaches, sweating, and irritability? Well these are certainly symptoms of anxiety and they can be difficult if not impossible to ignore.

Will they disappear on their own? Sometimes they might but that might be unusual. The symptoms may be impossible to disregard; sometimes there will be a combination of symptoms, such as mood swings, loss of appetite and hopelessness. You may feel alone but if you seek help you can find release from emotional problems

Support from family and friends for many people are all that’s needed but for others it might have little effect. If you can’t speak confidently or in confidence to them then you might need the help of a professional counsellor, like Talk It Through.

Counselling is not simply a quick fix or a chat; its aim is to introduce a process which helps you to grow and develop bringing into play the healing of hurts and painful memories. Talk It Through offers to support you as you seek to understand how you can make better personal choices and a place where you can share your thoughts without being judged.

Understanding anxiety – what causes it and how it affects your life are key to fighting it.

Talk It Through, counselling in Nottingham, will help you take back control of your life.

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