HMS Prison Nottingham - Mr Singh

Just a few words on the work of my college Hugh Driskell; he is a man of honesty and integrity, a man in whom the people with whom he works, both staff and prisoners, have confidence and trust. He has helped to expand the programme; he has worked 1 to 1 with prisoners and in group sessions both in a lead facilitator role and support.

When I review the work that Hugh does within the establishment, I believe his presence (the giving of himself) and time is invaluable; I believe what Hugh is doing is scriptural (which most Christian find very difficult to do) that is to first visit those in prison and secondly extend God love to the prisoners.

Hugh provides an opportunity during the group session for the participants to see something of Christ through his non-judgmental attitude and by tolerance patience and encouragement. He is empathic and offers unconditional positive support to everyone; I believe the prisoners value the fact that he does this without any pay and that he is committed to attend every week.  I am sure that in turn this provides a ‘window’ through which prisoners see God at work and this encourages them to reflect on their own relationship with God.

Through the work programme prisoners are asked to reflect on the attitude and behaviour which have caused them to offend and perhaps reoffend; to take time to decide if they want to take the chance of having the life that God has for them. A life where changed values and behaviour lead to changed life-styles and life outcomes.

All volunteers bring diversity to the programme but more importantly they are the body of Christ in action.

My whole hearted thanks and blessing to Hugh Driskell.

Mr Singh - Community Prison Chaplain

September 2010

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