Terms & Conditions

Counselling, as offered by Talk It Through, is considered as a non-directive, non-judgemental course of action completely for the well-being of the client. Put simply, counselling is not about giving advice or telling the client what to do. It will help the client tap into inner strengths and resources to help develop insight into any problems they may have.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Talk It Through operates a strict policy of privacy and confidentiality. This means that all personal information disclosed during the course of the programme is confidential.


Talk It Through offers a confidential setting where the client is free to talk safely about themselves and the concerns which are affecting their peace of mind.


All personal information will remain confidential, (except in legal or very rare circumstances where the risk of imminent /severe harm to individual or others is present – even in these circumstances, information will usually only be disclosed with the client’s full consent).



These are usually organised at the first appointment, when agreement is made about timing, fees and frequency depending on what the client needs.  As a guide, these will usually be weekly, and can be booked for the same day of the week and time for convenience.


Sessions will be for 50 minutes. The fee for the session will be £35, unless you have been referred by your employer, see below.  Usually, we will agree to meet for 6 sessions and then conduct a review of progress so you can cease counselling when you feel ready.


Holidays, missed appointments and ending therapy

If the client breaks from the arrangements:

  • Giving more than 24 hours notice then there will be no cost for the session
  • Giving less than 24 hours notice then the full cost of the session will be paid.

Missed appointments – sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that lead to clients missing appointments. It may be possible to move a session to another time; flexibility may be required on both sides.


Ending the therapy – therapy might be open-ended or for fixed periods, short-term. It is important, particularly for the client, that the ending is negotiated and not sudden. Planning the ending can lead to a great deal of therapeutic benefit.



  • For organisations -  £60 per hour  [for employee counselling]
  • For individuals -  from £35 per hour [depending on financial circumstances]
  • For supervision - £45 per hour [discounted rates are available for students]


Payment should be made by the individual on the day of the session. Either by cash or cheque [supported with a current bankers’ card]. Unfortunately I do not have the facilities to accept either credit or debt cards. I may charge an extra £5 per session if I travel some distance to your home.


Supervision my work is supervised by a professional supervisor. Personal information (addresses, telephone numbers etc) is known only to me.


Complaints all complaints must be made in writing to The Administrative Board, ISPC, Greetwell Place, Greetwell Road, Lincoln LN2 4US

Terms & Conditions

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